Casa peiso
lacus peiso

that’s how the “fertö” or lake neusiedl was known under the romans. back around 50 AD, it must have been less appealing, “a vast swampland” according to the travel accounts of the roman emperor plinius through the province of pannonia. would he become enchanted if he saw the area today..?
300 days of sunshine per year. vineyards wherever you look. fuits and vegetables. fig and walnut trees. a land spoiled by nature.

the tribe of the “pei” once settled here - one of the many peoples who have left their traces in this area. after them came the illyrians, the huns, the turks, the croatians, the hungarians and eventually the germans, who are still here today. after all, our ancestors, the ancestors of the sommer family, are also known to have come from the bajuvarian area.
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