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growing wine – the sommer family


viticulture has a strong tradition in the idyllic village of mörbisch. once under the dominance of the wine merchants of sopron, the vintners of mörbisch became independent in 1846 and are ever since then following their own rights to grow and sell wine.
this is also true for the sommer family, who has been growing wine for generations. once sold in barrels, and the typical “doppler”  2-litre bottles, the focus is now very much on quality wine.

the small-structured family business, whose size is typical for this part of austria, owns 2 hectares of vineyards facing the largest steppe lake of central europe on its south-eastern borders.

the vineyards have aspiring names such as “vogelsang” (bird`s song) or “goldberg” (golden hill). a mixture of loess and sandy soils combined with the sunny pannonian climate offer perfect conditions for growing white and red grape varieties such as muskat ottonell, neuburger, blaufränkisch and zweigelt. a large selection of different varieties is on offer: be sure to enlighten your taste buds during a visit at our winery!

around mörbisch, “pretty much everything grows”. however, the sommer family remains faithful to the original indigenous varieties of the region. in 2003, the typical austrian red wine variety zweigelt joined in. another favourable circumstance is the growth of the fungus botrytis cinerea, enhancing the production of sweet wines from their late harvest to processing. this lucky circumstance is mainly due to the special microclimate of lake neusiedl.

vaulted cellar & wine safes


did you always want to have your own “wine holiday cellar” with no restrictions as to your coming and going?
well, you have found the right spot at casa.peiso: we encourage to go and pick a bottle for your dinner! here with us, you can be your own sommelier and wine grower.

the vaulted bohemian cellar is an architectonical masterpiece dating back more than a 100 years, unique in its kind in the whole area. no hard work or labour is done here- just enjoy yourself over a glass of wine or a bottle of muskat or blaufränkisch. pure wine and high spirits!

when you stay with us for three nights or more, you will get access to your very own wine safe filled with one of the best bottles of the estate. you will get a key during check-in and you yourself are responsible for the content of your safe department … enjoy …

you can make use of the cellar as you please, without seeking prior permission or having to knock. just be yourself and do as you like! in the evening, wine cellars offer the best air condition in the pannonian summer heat- why not take a walk down and meet your next-door neighbours over a bottle and a chat!?
enoteque (wine shop)

the casa.peiso wine shop offers you a selection of traditional estate wines as well as different products from burgenland and western hungary. up for a taste? apricot jam, grape seed oil, apricot vinegar, beans, elder concentrate, national park sausages, hungarian goose liver, spicy capsicum spread, sweet or red wine chutneys … we have what it takes to impress your taste buds as well as your friends back home.

muskat ottonell

intensive, spicy flavours, full taste, relatively low alcohol content. should be tasted on its own or after a meal.

white burgundy (pinot blanc)

elegant, harmonious taste, full-bodied; average level of alcohol, a taste of walnut, rich acid. excellent with meals (fish, crustaceans, white meat), a bottle of late harvest goes well with desserts.


light flavour, rich, a mild wine with typical nutty flavours, average alcohol content, suits meals served with sauces, poultry and pâtés.

müller thurgau

a smell of muscat, fresh and delightful, rich in acids; goes well with simple traditional meals, for instance cold meat platters.


fresh and fruity, its taste recalls ripe apples. a nice wine to drink as an aperitif or with white meat.

ice wine

the basis for this ice wine are grapes of the white burgundy variety harvested at or below temperatures of -8 °C. the fruit is concentrated in the grapes, with a light honey colour. very sweet wine suitable to go with digestifs. the perfect choice to top off a menu.

serving temperature of white wines: 6-8 °C, muscat 7-9 °C.

local (indigenous) regional variety. weak acidity, full-bodied, containing some tannins, rich fruit. should be stored for at least two years, after which it is ideal to drink, developing a smooth, velvety note and a taste of blackberries. suits a whole variety of meals; serving temperature 12-14 °C.


a cross-bred between blauer portugieser and blaufränkisch; vivid, nearly black colour, more extract than blaufränkisch grapes, an almost “heavy” tasting note. Develops its full potential after two or three years of storage; serving temperature 13-14 °C.


a mixture of the two varieties blauburger and blaufränkisch, the darker blauburger variety swallows the colour of the other, resulting in a tasteful harmony of both varieties.

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